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Community Services

The Community Services Program of EOC aims to help people alleviate their poverty and homeless situation. The agency works in conjunction with utility companies, state and federal agencies as well as private corporations to administer utility programs to make consumer payments more affordable and to help keep their service turned on. It also administers programs for families in need of rental/mortgage assistance, first time homebuyer information, opening a family savings account, and budget counseling. Community Services has a team of case managers who are trained to deliver the most satisfactory service possible.

Community Services administers programs in six basic areas:

Community-Based Initiatives

The program aimes to aid the community in securing needs donated by the community, other agencies, and businesses around the areay. The Warren-Forest EOC does coat drives through the Operation Overcoat program in partnership with Northwest Saving bank. Coats are collect typically from Oct 19 - Nov 23 of each year and distribution starts November 1.

The operation overcoat is administered at the Faith Inn. Clients need to fillout the forms each year.

Employment and Training

The program helps participants referred by other programs overcome challenge that prohibits them from securing employment. The Work Ready program accepts participants referred by the Warren County assistance and assist them in getting ready to gain sustainable employment.

The work Ready program is run through the Faith Inn office of the Warren Forest EOC. A case worker helps participates who are receiving TANF assistance referred by the Warren County Assistance office, and engage them in core and non-core activities which may include resume building, job search, and community service work such as filing, helping out other Faith Inn caseworkers and the like, that helps them be ready for actual employment. Once enrolled in the Work Ready Program, the participant has six weeks to finish the programs and is termed successful once the six weeks of core and non-core activities are performed.

Financial Self-Sufficiency

The program does budget counseling for people who wants to learn to manage their income property and help them to allocate their household resources in the most efficient way possible.

The program is administered through the Faith Inn by the housing counselor. The housing counselor schedules the participant for a face to face counseling session which helps them identify their expenses, do a better budget, and helps them towards a more efficient way of managing their finances. Most HAP clients, Faith Inn Tenants, participants referred by other agencies, and just about anybody who wants to improve their financial literacy skills in eligible for this program.

Veteran Outreach
Homelessness Assistance and Prevention

The community service department runs tow programs for this service. The first is the Homeless Assistance Program which does rental assistance for households who are homeless or is in danger of being homeless. The second one is the Veteran homelessness prevention program which partners with Chautauqua opportunities in helping out Veterans who are homeless or is in danger of being homeless gain permanent housing, and secure sustainable employment.

The Veteran Homelessness Prevention Program is administered at the Faith Inn by the Community Service Director. The Program is in partnership with the COI of New York. Veterans should have their DD 214 available when applying for the program. The Veterans should be deemed homeless based on the HEARTH definition of homelessness. HEARTH definition of homelessness is available through the HUD website. The EOC community service director does the initial intake and gathers necessary documents for such as DD214, proof of homelessness such as eviction letter, proof of foreclosure, coming out of prison, medical facility, and shelter, and proof of income and identification. The community service director forwards all necessary documents to the Chautauqua Opportunities to review, and COI makes the decision of their eligibility to be enrolled in the program. Once enrolled, the program can help them with rental assistance, utility assistance, vehicle repair, child care, and moving out expenses. The program requires a 50% below area median income to be eligible.

Foreclosure Preventions and Homeownership

The program helps households avoid foreclosure by referring them to services in and around the community, process HEMAP applications and submitting them to PHFA, conduct budget counseling sessions to help participants figure out the best way to allocate their income and avoid foreclosure situations in the future.  The program also assists income eligible consumers in purchasing their home through the first time homebuyers program which could help them with down payment and closing cost. 

The HEMAP program is administered by the Faith Inn by the Housing Counselors.  The Housing counselor sends out a list of necessary documents prior to meeting the client.  Clients have to provide Act 91 notice, complete all the documents on the list and provide proof of identifications.  Clients must show proof of ability to pay their load to be approved for the HEMAP program.  Once the appointment and documentation commenced, the housing counselor sends out the HEMAP application packet to PHFA for approval.  PHFA has 60 days to make a decision.  The Counselor also sends a letter out to the lender to inform them of the client’s’ effort to stop foreclosure. 

The commissioner’s discretionary fund aims to help out with first time homebuyers pay for closing cost, down payment, and buy down interest rate.  The housing counselor does the initial intake and sends it to the county grants administrator for approval.  IT requires a below 80% are median income.  Clients need to provide proof of income, proof of identification, proof of sales agreement showing purchase price, interest rate, and contact information for the closing attorney. 

Utility Assistance

The program assist low income consumers avail of utility assistance programs offered by the utility companies or by the state and federal agencies.  It helps income eligible consumers secure grants that lower their monthly, bill and arrearage forgiveness for their utilities.  Most programs are processed at the Faith Inn office and submitted to the respective agencies and programs.  Caseworkers are also knowledgeable about resources available inside and outside the agency and make proper referrals to consumers. 

The program is administered at the Faith Inn by the caseworker who is knowledgeable of all utility assistance available inside and outside Warren Forest EOC for proper referrals.  The utility assistance programs available at the EOC Faith Inn are as follows:

PCAP – below 150% federal poverty guideline.  Clients need to submit most recent bill, one month’s worth of income, landlord information of applicable, and proof of identification.

Dollar Energy – below 200% Federal poverty income guideline, must make payment of at least $15.00 in the last 90 days, most recent bill, proof of identification, account summary showing account balance, and 30 days’ worth of income.
Columbia Gas Cap – below 150% federal poverty income guidelines, must have referral from Columbia Gas Company, most recent bill, proof of identification, and proof of income. 

Neighbor for Neighbor – for clients in the National Fuel Territory who are disabled, receiving unemployment or over the age of 55.  Clients must show proof of identification, most recent bill, and proof that they belong to the three stated population.  There is no income guideline for clients but case workers till ask for proof in income. 
H20 Program – Pennsylvania American Water makes the referral to the caseworkers and the caseworker calls the client and informs them of the program so they can take advantage of the water saving kit that they can avail through the Pennsylvania American Water. 

UGI Opshare – Below 150% Federal Poverty income guideline.  This program helps clients in the UGI service areas get caught up in their arrears.  Clients need to fill out application and send it to the Warren Forest EOC community service director for approval. 

UGI CAP – Below 150% Federal Poverty Income Guideline, Clients sends out application with their proof on income, household members and social security numbers to the caseworker.  The caseworker processes the intake application online and sends it to UGI for approval. 


Community Development

Community Development secures funds for the acquisition, rehabilitation and construction of affordable housing in Warren and Forest Counties. The units are owned and managed by Warren-Forest Counties Economic Opportunity Council to ensure long-term affordability for the target population.

Head Start


Head Start is a federally funded program for children ages 3 and 4. The program offers comprehensive services to enrolled children and families, giving priority to limited income families and children with special needs. Head Start programs offer a nurturing environment that supports the healthy growth and development of each child in the context of family, culture and community.

Head Start promotes school readiness by enhancing the social and cognitive development of children by providing educational, health, nutritional, social, and other services to enrolled children and families. Involvement is emphasized by engaging parents in their children’s learning, and helping parents in making progress towards achieveing their identified goals and needs.

Mission and Philosophy

As an early childhood development and family support program, it is the mission of the Warren Forest Counties Head Start program to promote school readiness social competency, and self-sufficiency in children and families of low income, through education and community collaboration.

The Warren Forest Counties Head Start program’s approach is based on the philosophy that all children share certain needs, realizing that each child is a unique, valuable, human being with the potential to succeed in life.  We believe that a child will benefit most from a comprehensive program offering a broad range of services that fosters school readiness, literacy, physical development, and mental wellness.  The child’s family as well as the community must be involved to maximize the strengths and the experiences of each child.


Warren Forest County Head Start serves children ages 3 or 4 years of age by August 31 of the school year who are income eligible or who have special needs.
To find out if your family is eligible for Head Start please call us at 814-726-2400 ext 3027 or toll free at 1-800-231-1797 ext 3027.

*Family income up to 100% is income eligible. Family income between 100%-130% is also income eligible and may be considered for enrollment after income eligible children are enrolled.

Parent Information

*Family income up to 100% is income eligible. Family income between 100%-130% is also income eligible and may be considered for enrollment after income eligible children are enrolled.

Automatic Eligibility:

If a family is over 100% of the Federal Poverty Guideline, they may still qualify if any of the following pertain to their family:

  • Any family receiving SSI (Supplemental Security Income)
  • Any family receiving cash assistance (TANF)
  • Any child in Foster care is automatically qualified
  • Any family that is Homeless is automatically qualified (Defined as anyone who: Lacks a regular, fixed and adequate nighttime residence, lives in sub standard housing, is sharing housing due to economic struggles (doubled-up, please bring income if you have it), is living in a shelter, hotel, car, park, or is a child awaiting foster care placement.

Family - The term “family” means all persons living in the same household who are:
(a) Supported by the income of the parent(s) or guardians(s) of the child enrolling in a Head Start program, and (b) Related to the parent(s) or guardian(s) by blood, marriage, or adoption.

PA Pre K Counts

Pre K counts is a state funded pre-school program for 3-4 year old children. The program’s lead agency is the Warren Forest Counties Economic Opportunity Council (EOC).

PA Pre-K Counts is designed for children who are:
 Between age 3 and until the entry age for kindergarten
 Children whose family income is less than 300% of the federal poverty level
 Other Child Eligibility Risk factors (IEP, Behavioral Supports, English Language Learner, Homeless, Incarcerated Parent, Teen mother, Child Protective Services, English Language Learner)

Funds are provided to serve 26 children in a free full day (6 hours) instructional program in Warren County.

What can you expect for Pre-K Counts?
 180 class days
 Certified teachers in Early Childhood Education
 Use of the Creative Curriculum
 Use of a comprehensive assessment tool to regularly review your child’s progress and choose activities that are best for your child
 Help you and your child adjust to pre-kindergarten
 Smooth transition into kindergarten

For more information on Pre K Counts in Warren County call 726-2400 ext. 3027

Head Start provides Pre K Counts services to twenty (20) children. Classrooms are in the EOC McClintock building located at 1209 Pennsylvania Avenue, West, Warren Jefferson DeFrees Family Center offers six (6) children Pre K Counts services and is located at 207 Second Avenue, Warren.


Housing Logo

The Housing Department of Warren - Forest Counties Economic Opportunity Council (EOC) strives to provide facilities and services to meet the needs of homeless individuals through several types of transitional housing and permanent supportive housing options.  Facilities and services are made available for individuals and families who are currently homeless or facing homelessness.
The following is a description and eligibility requirements for each Housing Program that EOC has to offer: 

Faith Inn

The Faith Inn Shelter, located in downtown Warren, provides temporary housing to individuals and families experiencing homelessness. The Faith Inn utilizes trained Housing Specialists within the agency and coordinates and partners with various human service agencies within the community. Participants work with Housing Specialists and receive coordinated services assisting individuals in the advancement from temporary housing to permanent housing and independent living.  The Faith Inn houses 3 efficiency apartments, 4 one bedroom apartments, and 2 two bedroom apartments.

Click here for the Faith Inn Housing Applications

Program Eligibility

  • Individuals and families who are homeless or facing homelessness
  • Income below 80% of area median income
  • Must be able to live independently

Individuals or families experiencing homelessness may apply in person at the housing office located at the Faith Inn - 225 Pennsylvania Ave. West, Warren, PA 16365.  For further details call 814-726-2400 Ext. 3358.

PATH Supportive Housing Description

The PATH Supportive Housing program provides services to individuals diagnosed with a mental illness and are experiencing homelessness or risk of homelessness.  EOC operates four Mental Health Transitional houses.  The program provides temporary housing to adult individuals and is overseen by the PATH Housing Specialist.  Tenants work with the housing specialist to create a housing plan with the end goal of permanent housing.  Mental health agencies in the community assist the tenant in achieving self-sufficiency.  Housing is shared between three to four individuals per unit.  Tenants have his or her own bedroom and share the common areas of the house.

Program Eligibility

  • Individuals who are homeless or facing homelessness
  • Have obtained a mental health diagnosis
  • Have an open case in the Forest – Warren County Human Services System

Applications/referrals are made by human service and mental health agencies in the community.  Individuals with a mental health diagnosis experiencing homelessness can call 814-726-2400 Ext. 3316 or visit the housing office located at the Faith Inn - 225 Pennsylvania Ave. West, Warren, PA 16365.

Click here for the PATH Support Housing Applicaiton

Domestic Violence Transitional Housing Programs

The Transitional Housing Program for Domestic Violence Survivors provides safe and confidential temporary housing units to individuals and families experiencing homelessness as a result of Domestic Violence. 
The Program utilizes trained case managers within the agency as well as coordinating with A Safe Place and various human service agencies who assist individuals in independent living.  Coordinated services assist in the advancement from temporary housing to permanent housing.

Program Eligibility

  • Individuals who are homeless or facing homelessness due to domestic violence
  • Referred by and working with A Safe Place services
  • Income below 80% of area median income

If you are a victim of domestic violence call A Safe Place hotline at 814-726-1030 or 1-800-338-3460.
Referrals are made by A Safe Place.  Individuals experiencing homelessness can call 814-726-2400 Ext. 3357 or visit the housing office located at the Faith Inn - 225 Pennsylvania Ave. West, Warren, PA 16365.

Permanent Housing

The Permanent Housing program provides affordable housing to individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness or risk of homelessness and are either diagnosed with a mental illness, youth that are aging out of foster care, or individuals who are being released from correctional facilities.  Individuals in the Permanent Housing program live independently, have income, and have case management services in place.
Program Eligibility

  • Ability to live independently
  • Have case management services in place
  • Income below 80% of area median income

Applications are available at the housing office located at the Faith Inn - 225 Pennsylvania Ave. West, Warren, PA 16365.  For further details call 814-726-2400 Ext. 3355.

Click here for the Permanent Supportive Housing Applicaiton


The Weatherization programs are designed to help elderly, disabled, and low-income consumers with weatherization assistance so they can conserve energy, improve safety, and ultimately reduce the expense of high energy bills in Warren, Forest, McKean, and Venango counties.

Weatherization works with a variety of public and private partners and funding sources so there’s a program available for nearly every need.

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