Donations & Volunteers

Low Income Assistance in Warren, PA

Individuals are invited to help support the community work that we perform. EOC is an incorporated 501 (C) [3] organization, as defined by the IRS. Therefore, contributions to our organization are eligible for tax deductibility.

The following forms of contributions can be made to the EOC:

Gifts – Tax-deductable cash contributions are graciously accepted. Some of our programs have expenses that are not covered by grant funds. Cash contributions aid in the offset of these costs, aiding us in our efforts to serve the low income residents of Warren and Forest Counties.

Gifts in the form of a personal check, payable to “Warren-Forest Counties EOC” can be mailed to:
Warren-Forest Counties EOC
PO Box 547
Warren, PA 16365

Donations – We accept tax-deductible donations of property, including items such as furniture, vehicles, and other items. Some of the families and individuals that we serve are in dire need of such items. If you are interested in donating items, please call us at 814-726-2400 to discuss details. 

Make a difference in our community!

If you are interested in volunteering your time to assist with our various EOC programs and activities, please call us at 814-726-2400 to learn about the ways that you can help be a part of the “action” in our community.
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