Veteran's Homeless Assistance Program

This program is a unique partnership between the Warren-Forest Counties EOC of Pennsylvania and Chautauqua Opportunities of New York who share a common goal of helping our country's veterans who are currently facing homelessness. 
Veteran Program Availability: 
This program is open to qualifying veteran's facing homelessness in the following counties:
  • Warren
  • Forest
  • Venango
  • McKean
What we can help with: 
For our veteran's facing homelessness, homeless, or in a housing crisis we provide case management services to address the following, as well as other issues, that you may be dealing with:
  • Past Due Rent
  • Security Deposit
  • First Month's Rent
  • Moving Costs
  • Utilities

a recent success story

Michael Niles began his career with the US Navy as a submarine engineer. Though unable to go into detail, his years of active duty and radiation exposure resulted in a traumatic brain injury that had a domino effect on his health. At 54, Michael could no longer work despite holding dual engineering degrees. Failing health and a seizure suffered on the job in 2012 ended his post military career. Once unemployed, Michael tried everything he could to keep his home but ultimately lost everything. 

Before coming to the Warren-Forest EOC Michael was living in a tent.

While staying at the Faith Inn, the emergency homeless shelter operated by the EOC, Michael began working with the Community Services Director, Julia Grant, and housing specialists from the Housing Services department to start unravelling the red tape he'd been struggling to get through. 

"Nothing but praise for everyone that works here. In two months they've done more for me than what could be done in the past ten years. These guys know the right people to call and gone above and beyond to help secure my full pension upgrade through the military and a voucher through the VA. I believe the technical name for it is 'Disability Compensation due to lack of employability' but it is confusing to me and these ladies have really helped me understand everything and find a new home."
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